We sell strictly wholesale only.
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We are a full line wholesale florist servicing retailers who specialize in cut flowers, floral supplies, permanent botanicals, and holiday
decorations. We have a 35,000 sq foot facility located in Florence SC. We stock over 8,000 floral supply items and have a large
selection of fresh cut flowers. We deliver to most of South Carolina , the lower parts of North Carolina, Savannah and Augusta Ga.
Serving the retail florist with floral supplies and fresh cut flowers since 1955.
Tommy's Wholesale Florist, Inc.
View prices and order the products online. Best part is that you do not have to pay online. Just order what you like and we will take care
of your order just like when you call it in or give it to our salespeople. We are adding live video to our website.  Features are only available
to existing customers and it is all password protected.